How to browse downloaded Nexus files


In order to visualize the contains of the downloaded HDF, Nexus files (and Tango Control System data), you have to get the DataBrowser application. 


What is DataBrowser ? (see Tango Meeting presentation)

The DataBrowser is an Open Source Scientific Application developped in collaboration by SOLEIL and ANSTO institutes. It is pubished under GPL license.
This Application allows the visualisation of scientific data files based on HDF format. Supported formats HDF, Nexus and Tango Control System data. 

Supports plugins :

- HDF 5, Nexus files (.nxs, .h5)

- TANGO attibutes (atktrend atkpanel atktunning configuration files)

- HDB (Java) Tango Historical Database (Mambo VC .vc files)

- EDF (ESRF data format (.edf)

- EPICS Process Variables (Channel access implementation EPICS .db files) and  Archiver Appliance (Google protobuf .pb files)

User Manual (Also available in the doc folder)
1 - Lauch the DataBrowser
2 - Open a File with Open Button
3 - Navigate on the Tree on the Left
4 - Click on an Item to visualize the value on the Right.

Download link

Caution! DataBrowser software works with java 7 or newer only.

- version 1.2.0 last update January 2018 technical contact Raphaël GIRARDOT

- version 1.2.1 last update February 2019 technical contact Raphaël GIRARDOT

- version 1.3.0-7521 last update November 2019 technical contact Raphaël GIRARDOT (uses latest versions of HDF5 libraries)

- version 1.3.0-7615 last update January 2020 technical contact Raphaël GIRARDOT (Compatibility with standalone openjdk and 1st help in case application is not working)

version 1.3.1  last update July 2021 technical contact Katy SAINTIN (include EPICS CS and Archive Appliance EPICS plugins, HDF improvment, Muscade plugin) 

1 - Download the archive.
2 - Unzip the archive
3 - Launch the executable file according to your Operating System

databrowser.bat for windows for linux system.

Technical contact : Raphaël GIRARDOT and Katy SAINTIN