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How to connect an user computer to a SOLEIL beamline network

To connect your computer to a wired SOLEIL beamline network, you must have registered it on the SUNset.

1/ MAC address, DHCP configuration

When registering your computer, please fill in the MAC address field with the one of the wired network card of your computer.

At the beamline, connect your computer to a REL network access point: if you are working on a current project, your computer will automatically obtain an IP address, provided by the DHCP server.

If it doesn’t work, please check that:

  • you filled in the right MAC address on the SUNset,
  • you didn’t fill in another MAC address; for example the wireless card MAC address,
  • your wired network card is setup with the DHCP mode,
  • the network access point that you are using is connected to the beamline’s REL.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact your local contact or the hall coordinator.

Other reasons may be possible, for example:

  • the network cable may be out of order,
  • the script making DHCP reservations may not work.
1-a) How to find your wired network’s MAC address
  • With Windows (2000, DHCP-XP, Vista) :
    • Click on Start
    • Click on Run
    • Type cmd
    • Click on OK
    • A window appears, type ipconfig /all
    • Look for the « local network ethernet card » table, the « Physical address » is the MAC Address.
  • With Mac OS X 10.5 :
    • Click on « System Preferences »
    • In the « Internet & Network » menu, click on « Network »
    • Select « Ethernet », then click on the « Advanced » button
    • In the table « Ethernet » you can see the « Ethernet ID » which is the MAC address
  • With a Linux distribution :
    • Open a terminal
    • Type iwconfig to know which interface is the wireless interface. It’s now easy to deduct which one is the wired card MAC address (« no wireless extensions »)
    • Type ifconfig –a eth0 if the wired card is eth0 (eth1 otherwise). The first returned line contains the MAC address (HWaddr)
1-b) DHCP configuration

To obtain an IP address through DHCP server, the wired card must be in DHCP mode.

 Open « System Preferences » and then open the menu « Network ». Select the wired card (« Ethernet »), then check that in the « Configure: » field, the option « Using DHCP » is on.


2/ Proxy settings
  • with Firefox and Internet Explorer, enable the « Auto detect proxy » option,
  • Take care : with a Mac OS X system, you must fill in the proxy’s URL:

NB1 : For Internet Explorer 7 et Firefox 3, you can use this tutorial

NB2 : if the autodetect proxy method doesn’t work, use the proxy’s URL:


3/ Unauthorized services

 MSN and SSH (from intranet to extranet) are unauthorized services on REL.


4/ Experimental data access: ruche’s shares mounting

 Experimental data are stored on an infrastructure which is detailed on the SOLEIL web site:


4-a) Experimental data infrastructure connection

 You can access to this infrastructure from your computer with your user account or with the project account defined via the SUNset :

  • From Windows XP: In the « My Computer », click on « Tools » then click on « Connecter un lecteur réseau ». In the field « Folder », type \\ruche-<ligne>\<ligne>-users

according to the project : external project or internal one.

Click on « Nom d’utilisateur différent ». In the field « User Name », type EXP\<login> and the password in the field « Password ».

  • For others operating systems, we advise you to use FTP via a web browser :


 then use your SUNset login or the project’s account for authentification


4-b) Project’s structure

 Once the experimental data infrastructure connected:

  • you can access to raw data files which are stored at the root node of the project directory
  • the "temp-data" sub-directory is available for your temporary files
  • the "published-data" sub-directory is available for your processed data files.

Please, follow up this files organization: the TWIST tool, which allows you to search, extract and download data, is based on it.