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Q: Who can I contact for a question ?

Please upload your question in the "Add Suggestion" item. If you already have the answer to your question, you may help other users by uploading it as well.

Q: What output files does Denfert produce at the end of each simulated annealing session?

At the end of each session the following files are written on disk.

- 3 pdb files (_model, _hydration_layer, _solvent) that correspond to protein/nucleic acid, hydration layer and solvent respectively.

- an ascii file (_raw.fit) containing the final fit of the experimental curve

- an ascii .log file containing information about the annealing procedure

Q: What to do if the final obtained model is not fully covered by hydration beads?

Most probably the used bead packing radius is quite high. Try a new run with smaller bead packing radius.

Q: Why don't I receive the e-mail with the download link ?

The e-mail sender is "noreply". It might be filtered out by the spam catcher server of your institution. Try with another address.

Q: Which version of Mac OS has Denfert been tested with?

OSX version 10.9

Q: Is the Denfert executable for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit?

It is a 32-bit application.

Q: Which versions of Linux has Denfert been tested with?

Successfully tested on Ubuntu Linux.